Chassis number: 1409

Running number: 47

First race: Tieton 2015

Part of The Great Austin Seven Build-off.

Heavily revised in 2016. Revisions noted in brackets.


Engine: Motenergy ME0708 PMDC [Goldenmotor 5KW BLDC]

Batteries: 48V LiFe pack with cell balancers [48V LiFePO4 20AH battery pack with integrated BMS]

Controller: Alltrax SPM [200A Sine Wave]

Transmission: None, #40 chain. 12T - 60T ratio.

Brakes: 8” disk on left side of rear axle controlled by foot.

Wheels: Vietnamese Honda type clones. 17x140. Front wheels used in front. Rear wheels used in rear. Mini-hub type “sandwich” approach on rear hubs.

Tires front and rear: 2.50 Michelin Gazelles front/ 2.50 Cheng ShinTrials rear.

Front suspension: Transverse leaf.

Steering: Worm and sector from riding mower. [Angle gear - relocated]

Rear suspension: Rigid.

Drive: Live axle/ one wheel drive (choice).

Frame: Steel.

Bodywork: Mostly fabric on wood framework (think model airplane construction). Aluminum bonnet. Fiberglas radiator shell.


Wheelbase: 65 1/2”

Ground clearance: 6”

Front track: 36 1/2”

Rear track: 33”

Overall length: 93”

Body width: 26”

Height: 33”

Weight: 275 lbs

Complete driving chassis 249 lbs, leather seat cushion 3 lbs, removable bodywork 23 lbs

1923 Austin Seven “Boulogne”